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Belly Fat Exercises - Fastest Way To Loose Belly Fat

Posted by Administrator Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You are on this page because you have belly fat, you don't like the protrusion on your front part when you put on that nice clothe of yours. Nobody is proud of excessive fat in the belly and I know you want to get
rid of belly fat. There are various ways to burn belly fat and these ways include exercises and belly fat diet that help burn reduce fa;t but I would be focusing more on exercises to loose belly fat. There are lots of belly fat exercises that is helpful in cutting down the fat on the stomach region. What I am about to discuss with you is not based on other people's story, it is based on my own personal experience in a bid to cut down the fat in my stomach. Believe me when I say it works, it really works.

One morning I stepped into the office and a female colleague of mine kept staring. I asked her why she looked at me like that and she said "dude your stomach is bulging," well, I tried not to get embarrassed but I was, I got home that day and stood in front of the mirror staring at my bulging stomach for 20 minutes. Really I must confessed I looked awful with that belly fat. I needed to get my game back and so I started researching for exercises to lose belly fat, I got some pretty good workouts to lose belly fat. I started engaging myself with these workouts to lose belly fat. I know this my be hard for you to believe but in one week's time, the stomach went in, revealing my packs but there was still elements of fat. These workouts had worked tremendously to help me reduce the belly fat. I cannot say how happy I am as I go to the pool to swim, I no longer feel ashamed of revealing my body. 

These exercises I must confess requires discipline else you might work out for a few days and give up. These workouts to burn belly fat make you feel pains at the lower part of your stomach at first but as time goes on your system would adapt to it, the aim of the exercises is to tone and tighten your abdominal and core muscles. When these muscles are toned they are firmer and look thinner.You can start by doing little rounds and then gradually increase it. The following exercises can help you lose belly fat fast.
The Bicycle Maneuver

The first time I did this, I felt like my waist was pulling off, the muscles were stiffed and I could feel every bit of it like around my stomach lines or something. I did 50 rounds at a stretch; I am not saying you should go 50 but if you can it really helps. This exercise is such that you lay down on a mat, your knees stay 45 degrees and then your hands behind your neck. You push up yourself tilting and touching your right elbow to your left knee and your left elbow to your right knee. Make sure you do not hold your breathe while you do this; ensure you breath evenly.

Sit Up From The Couch
This exercise is done in such a way that you have the lower side of your body on your catch e.g from your hips down is on the couch, the the upper part of your body should be suspended such that you can go up and down in the normal sit up positing. I started doing 10 rounds of this and then I increased to twenty. This kind of exercise makes the lower muscles firmer based on my personal experience.

The other kind of sit up involves you placing your legs under the couch and have a firm grip of your feet and then you start by raising the upper part of your body to meet your knee. Really it was tiring but because I knew what I wanted I kept on with this and I am glad I did.

Cardio Exercise
Cardio exercises were really helpful to me in my quest for burning off belly fat. Infact of all the workouts I think this one was the most effective. By cardio exercise I mean cardiovascular which has something to do with the heart. I am sure I am right, at least I did a little biology. Cardio exercises help raise your heart rate and keeps it elevated for a period of time; that is exactly what these exercises did for me.The kinds of exercise that are associated with cardiovascular workouts are things like jogging, fast walking, and swimming where there is no break in the routine. I tried my best to do one of the exercises everyday, in the event where I have to take a cab, I walk, I stopped using the elevator at work, I swam during the weekends etc. I learnt there are many benefits of cardio exercises and they include:

  1. Strengthening of the heart
  2. Strengthening the lungs and increasing lung capacity
  3. Boosting of the metabolism, burns calories, and helping you lose weight
  4. Reduce stress
  5. Increases energy
  6. Promoting restful sleep 
You can look up more benefits of cardio exercises. Basically those are the few exercises I adhered to and to a large extent I was able to cut down belly fat. The young lady at work saw me and said "your stomach is gone down, what did you do?" I looked at her and said "it costs $1000". Remember loosing belly fat is all about consistency in the applied approach.


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