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Tips To Loose Belly Fat

Posted by Administrator Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting rid of belly fat has been a major concern and source of worry because of the shapeless form and void it gives to your physique. So many people out there feel very uncomfortable with their bulging

stomachs and are seeking ways to cut down belly fat. Imagine yourself at the swimming pool and this guy comes into the pool with a body carved like that of a gladiator or a Greek god or something, revealing his well ripped 6 packs abs and well structured stomach and you are just there in the pool with your BIG ONE PACK, how do you feel? Excess fat especially in the belly does you no good and makes you look unattractive and clumsy.There is need to cut down belly fat but it starts with self discipline and proper dieting and proper excercising. A consistent approach should be applied in order to lose belly fat.

There are so many "how to lose belly fat" products out there that claim to help you cut down belly fat especially the ones that claim you can cut belly fat in one week or two weeks. I am not saying these do not work but in order for you to get rid of belly fat you have to ask your self this big question. Why do I have belly fat? Belly fat can be attributed to a number of things like eating late at nights - Have you ever observed the shape of your stomach when you wake up in the morning after having supper at about 11pm the previous day? It bulges just below; this is the accumulation of undigested food at the lower part of your abdomen; that leads to belly fat. Another cause of belly fat is eating excess of fatty and junk foods; these foods have the tendency to increase cholesterol level in your body making you put on more weight and obese especially in your stomach region. Take a look at the obese people around you, do they have flat stomach? Or six pack? You can't imagine that I guess.You need to watch what you eat my friend.

There are so many ways to lose belly fat. If you practice these tips to loose belly fat and stick to it then be sure to have that belly fat well toned maybe into a six hard pack.

Tip 1:Discipline yourself/Eat Right - Avoid taking fatty foods and eating late at night as I have observed that this has a way of increasing belly fat. I used to be a late night eater after coming back late from work and I observed my stomach was going out of shape. I stopped eating late, you can also make your food digest immediaely by taking fruits like oranges and taking pawpaw. Also avoid taking junks as this does you no good.These days, doctors are constantly warning about the health dangers of belly fat as people are diagnosed with high cholesterol levels emanating from eating junk foods and other unhealthy eating habits

Tips 2: Regular Exercise - Exercising is imperative as it helps to cut down belly fat to the barest minimum. Excercising includes taking a walk to work depends on the distance 2000 steps a day is good for the body, use the stairs when you get to your office instead of the elevator; believe me it helps a lot I guarantee, you can get yourself a skipping rope or a bicycle. Cycling helps cut down excess fat in the body and hence belly fat, aha swimming that's my regular.

Tip 3: Steer Cleer of Alcohol/Smoking - Regular intake of alcohol eg beer would make your stomach increase in size. I can attest to this fact as I have been a victim, I stood infront oh my mirror one morning and I hated myself, my belly fat had increased drastically and I seemed like I have to big ball in front of me. Aaarrgh you don't want to look like that do you? Alcohol and cigarrette smoking are know to increase the stress hormone known as cortisol in your body.

In order to get rid of belly fat you need to discipline yourself by taking appropriate diet and doing the appropriate excercises continuously. You might not get immediate response but the more you apply these the more belly fat you burn and the sexier you become. I hope this helps. Until next time.

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