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The Sports And Value Of Habits

Posted by Administrator Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sports and habits - what counts As you think be surprised if your life depends on your habits. I did when I read a book called “The Power of Habits” by Charles Duhigg. Basically shows how much of our daily lives is that we have acquired habits. These help us to live with some automation, not having to think and meditate every decision. But many things we do because that’s what we always do what we’ve always done, what we do. Including sports.

This course is very useful, it helps us to live with less stress and not having to be constantly taking
decisions. Then as Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” But then it becomes negative when our habits are not what they should be. This obviously has ramifications for many areas of our lives, but as this is a blog about sports, I’m going to focus toward sports habit. If you want to know more about the subject I suggest, strongly, that you get a copy of this book that is very enlightening. Sports and habits Sports and habits As for the sports habit, all ye already know perfectly that athletes can become almost a vice. The big sports fan could say that almost suffer if unable to spend much time playing sports.

Those who have this habit believe that “it is part of their character” who “do not like”, or may have other reasons. So it is curious to consider how it is that a group of people believes that sport is often painful and others that it is painful not to. This, I believe, is by the habits of each. Let me put relating it to one of the sports practice easier and more grateful, which is the continuous running. When you jog the first time you run very little, short of breath quickly, you start to hurt your muscles, etc.. And to make it more poignant, the next day it hurts all. With so many people following this leaves and decides that the sport is not for them. But as we have said it all depends on the habits. The leading running every day for a long time will tell you that is relaxing, giving you energy, makes you feel good, etc.. Where is the relationship of this with the habits. Very simple, as we have said the sport is a habit. In the book, confirmed by my experience says it takes 30 days to generate a habit. As easy as that, if you do something consistently for 30 days, from there will become part of your life and it will be something to do with ease. With what formula to develop the habit is simply to do sports consistently for 30 days and preferably with a stable schedule.

It really is not that hard, if you think about, sticking a finish line becomes the target time in more easily attainable. What Not plantees as I have to exercise 4-5 times per week to be healthy, if you think it seems like a life sentence and never started it. However, if you you put it as the next 30 days I will commit to play sports 4-5 times per week and once completed those 30 days to bring me back, I see what my situation and take a decision. In this way happens to be a life sentence to be a one-month experiment. This is not going to remove the first few days will be hard, physically strenuous and came home thinking, “How can someone like this?” But I assure you that gradually becomes more easy and pleasant and if you really get in the habit, in a few months, you’ll be thinking “why do not I have always done.” Enjoy sports.

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  2. Ikenna Agina Says:
  3. Thanks for this great article, I feel motivated. I am a heavy procrastinator, I find it difficult to maintain consistency, this article has spurred me. I will definitely stick to the tips.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  4. Karlo Says:
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